Which Are The Best Crystals for Concentration?

Do you lack concentration? Need to do a lot of work, but the mess in the head does not allow you to flit from one thing to another? Do not worry! With the help of determination bracelet you will easily manage with any task, as it will harness all the positive aspects of objectivity and will do its best to assist you in using your talents to achieve success.

Therefore, in this blog post, we will talk about the crystals for concentration that will help you to solve the problem of Mind wondering (the most frequent reason for mistakes and lousy quality works). As a result – improved attention and focus. 

Best Crystals for Concentration

·        Fluorite

Fluoride or the Stone of Discernment and Aptitude is one of the best crystals for concentration. It is considered the best crystal for activating mental activity. Consisting of fluorescent minerals, this Fluoride crystal has a high power as it can bring order to chaos. This stone will bring back concentration, boost mental activities, and remove mental or creative blocks.

·        Clear Quartz 

This Clear Quartz crystal has been used for centuries to enhance the energy of the other glasses. This is one of the best crystals for focus balancing, as it keeps the Mind balanced, less distracted and harmonized. If you want to absorb information more effectively, improve concentration and decrease mental chatter, then this crystal is what you need.

·        Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye or the Stone of the Mind (its other name) is one of the most efficient crystals for clarity and focus. This crystal is connected with Root Chakras and Solar Plexus. What is particular about this stone is its unique ability to increase determination and boost attentiveness. Carrying this crystal, you will always be focused on your goal and its achievement. 

·        Sodalite 

Sodalite crystal or also known as the Harmonizing Stone is one of the most effective stones that assist in memory improvement and organizational abilities. It is one of the best focusing crystals for improving intuition and personal perception of the project. Moreover, it can keep you calm during long meetings. 

·        Amazonite

Amazonite stone brings success and focuses on everyone who carries them. It encourages you to speak the truth and avoid hypocrisy, encouraging compassion to accept various points of view. It is especially crucial if you need to express your point of view in a short, kind and precise manner. Amazonite stone is known for its soothing and calming energy that is so important to improve concentration, memory, problem-solving abilities, self-esteem and attention span. 

·        Hematite

The other name of this stone is Stone for the Mind, and it is not difficult to explain why it is so. It can quickly clear the confusion that is one of the main obstacles that does not allow us to achieve our goals. As a result. Hematite will motivate and encourage you to move forward and never give up. With this crystal, you will always be concentrated and focused on your current plans and projects. 

The Best 7 Mood-Boosting Foods

It is well known that food is one of the most essential parts of our everyday routine. In general, we eat three times a day. We have breakfast, dinner and supper. Also, there may also be lunch when we eat some products to stay energetic until dinner. Nowadays there are a lot of places where people may eat. For instance, we usually eat in different cafes, restaurants, at home and even in cars. By the way, you have a great opportunity to choose rastreador de carro. It is a useful GPS tracker which is worth to have.

Furthermore, we all know that food may be healthy and harmful. However, have you ever thought that food may influence your mood? There really exist foods that make you feel happy. But how can food boost your mood? Does there exist any connection between food and happiness? Keep on reading to find the answers and to get to know some interesting information about mood boosting foods.

7 Foods that Improve Mood

To begin with, according to various researches and social polls, there exist foods that make you happy. Without any doubts, it may sound rather unbelievable. How can food influence our mood and make us happy? So, let us consider 7 foods which are considered to boost our mood.

1.     It is commonly accepted that chocolate has some properties which make a person feel happy. The thing is, one chocolate bar can reduce the stress level. Also, a lot of doctors recommend eating dark chocolate because it contains antioxidants.

2.     It has been already proven that seafood are very important and useful for people. It is highly recommended to eat sometimes salmon, tuna, mackerel and so on.

3.     Everyone knows about the excellent properties of green tea. It helps to keep calm and reduce anxiety.

4.     One of the most valuable and useful fruits are blueberries. They contain some antioxidants which are necessary for maintaining a good wellbeing. Furthermore, there are also some fruits which positively influence a person’s mood. Among them, there are raspberries, bananas and strawberries.

5.     Without any doubts, every person likes to eat yogurt. It is well known that this product is beneficial. Besides, yogurt is considered to be healthy food. That is why it is recommended to eat it when you are on a diet. Moreover, yogurt helps to maintain the good bacteria in your body.

6.     One of the most widespread healthy foods is spinach. It is believed that spinach positively influences your brain because it contains some necessary minerals and vitamins.

7.     Such nuts as almond and walnut influence the brain, making a person happy.


Try to eat foods for happiness. With the help of them, you have an excellent opportunity to stay healthy and be always happy.

How to Get Out of Debt On a Low Income?

Probably, everyone has a friend who earns more but continually turns out to be without money. And some people get a bit but never borrow money before salary. The thing is every person has some individual needs, but from this, the question arises “How to pay off debt fast with low income?”. Plenty of people cannot find the answer to this question and for this reason, they take more and more loans. If the credit score is so low, they apply to such option as piggybacking. Some find it a right way of solving problems. It is worth to say that in most cases this is very helpful. However, the thing is that a lot of people who are in a debt pit even do not know what is piggybacking credit.

Controlling expenses is not an easy task, especially when you have several loans. Often there are cases when a person, because of his indifference, drives himself into a financial trap from which he can no longer escape. A person does not understand how to get out of debt with low income. It turns life into a series of endless calls from collectors, reminders about paying the debt, and regular payments of the loan.

How to get rid of debt on a low income?

If the amount of your debt seems unbearable to you – do not despair and do not stop making payments. Allocate at least 10% of your income every month to pay off the debt first because it will help gradually to achieve the goal. Secondly, you accustom yourself to financial discipline. The critical point is to understand that you will not be able to pay all the debts at once, but gradually paying them off; you will repay them. And in the future, the habit of saving 10% from each paycheck will help you make savings.

To understand how to become debt-free on a low income, you should put your finances in order. Write down your expenses. This will help them systematize and identify reserves for savings. Financial advisers claim that the path to financial freedom begins with the streamlining of personal finances. Create a business plan, and your expenses will become planned. In this case, very important is to avoid unforeseen costs, because your first task is to pay off your debts.

If you have already put things in order in your finances, there is a need to think about additional earnings. The best option is to find another job. Moreover, do not forget that your hobbies may bring extra income.

In such a situation very important is to make up a clear plan that will give you an understanding of how to get out of debt on a low income.

Scalds and Vikings: What Was the Viking Poetry?

It is not a secret that the Vikings were beautiful jewelers. They made wonderful decorations such as women and men necklace, pendant, pin, bracelet, ring and a lot of others. This kind of art was highly valued at this time. The ornaments were worn by all members of a family: women, men, and children. Besides, jewelry indicates the status of the owner. Rich people wore gold or silver decorations. While the Vikings of the low status preferred the ornaments from the cheap metals.

Besides, poetry was highly valued at that time too. The masterful poet, who wrote graceful poems praising the victories of a king, could get rich in no time. He was awarded rings, weapons or other gifts. The most talented poets were Icelanders. Many of them served overseas courtyards. Such Norse poems have become a valuable source of information for the historian.

Who did have the possibility to write Norse poetry?

However, such semi-professional poets were not the only ones who were able to write poems. Many could make an octave. In them, Viking recalled the minute of the victory or the danger in the battle, the love to the girl and a lot of other themes. Characteristic features of such poems were strict compliance with the strict rules of the metric. Despite all this, in the creativity of everyone who knew how to write poetry were dozens of admirers.

Very popular was skaldic poetry. Its first examples had appeared in the middle of the IX century. The presence of skaldic poems in the Swedish runic stones of the XI century shows that it was known not only in Norway and Iceland.

Much more ancient and simple was the Eddic poetry. These poems represented anonymous tales, dialogues or complex of proverbs and religious retellings. Plots of poems were mainly formed on mythology and legends of ancient Germanic heroes.

Germanic tribes made up a lot of poems and songs about the heroes of this. All the skaldic peoples had to know the translations of these masterpieces before the Viking era, but the Icelanders were the only ones who eventually saved some of them in writing.

Where did Vikings listen to skald poems?

Celebrations in Vikings lasted for several days. In the intervals between food and drink, people tried to entertain. The most popular amusements were the struggle, various tests of strength, jumping, and, of course, reading skaldic poems and, stories in prose.

A lot of poems were performed in the banquet halls of the leaders or kings, possibly accompanied by harps. These proud stories of revenge, fidelity, fate, and death perfectly reflect the heroic ideals of Scandinavian culture.

Vikings cared about personal glory so much. They wrote poetry about their victories. For this reason, there are a lot of poems about Vikings. Especially, it concerned kings and great warriors.

How to Choose the Best Chakra Stone?

It is well known that different crystals have been used for various purposes since ancient times. These gemstones are now also usually used in medicine, beauty sphere, daily life, etc. Moreover, some individual stones are considered to be an integral part of different rituals and ceremonies. By the way, a lot of people prefer to use the sacral chakra stones. Among them, there is a focus bracelet, which will help you to keep calm and find a balance between your feelings and actions.

Different chakra stones are becoming more popular around the world. Are they accommodating? What chakra stone to choose? Keep on reading to get to know the answers and learn more exciting information about individual chakra stones and their meanings.

The Meaning of Chakra Stones

Before starting to use a chakra gemstone, it is necessary to know its meaning and purpose. Chakra stones are individual unique stones, which are usually used to cleanse your chakras. Also, these stones may influence many aspects of your life, absorbing all the negative energy, which may appear around you anytime. Moreover, individual chakra gemstones and crystals have the healing properties which are aimed at maintaining the positive atmosphere.

The most popular and widespread today is the chakra balancing crystals. They balance your feelings and clean your mind. That will help you to keep your head and be more concentrated. Furthermore, there are a lot of types of sacral chakra stones. However, it is necessary to choose one which will be the most suitable and helpful for you. It is commonly accepted that the chakra stones are used to focus on some special energy centers of a person. That is why it is really important to understand what energy center you desire to focus on and choose one most appropriate chakra gem stone. Let us consider 7 chakra stones which are considered to be the most helpful and efficient.

1.    Heart chakra stones are associated with green color. Among them are Green Calcite, Green Tourmaline, Jade, Rose Quartz.

2.    Throat chakra stones provide blue color. There are Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Aquamarine.

3.    Third eye chakra stones are associated with indigo color. They include Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Purple Fluorite, etc.

4.    Sacral chakra stones are associated with orange color. They include Carnelian, Moonstone, Citrine and some others.

5.    Solar Plexus chakra stones provide yellow color. There are Malachite, Calcite, Citrine, Topaz.

6.    Crown chakra stones provide purple color. There are Diamond, Clear Quartz, Amethyst.

7.    Root chakra stones are usually associated with red color. Among them are Tiger’s Eye, Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Fire Agate, etc.


There are a lot of types of sacral chakra stones, but it is important to choose one which will be the most suitable for you and your purpose.

Build A Bedside Table

Did you read simmons beauty sleep mattress reviews? You have a bed and want to build a comfortable bedside table? If the answer is “yes”, then this article will be useful for you.

So, how to build a bedside table?

Shopping list

Cutting list: trolley

A side:

one 528mm x 400mm x 22mm plank

B top:

one 600mm x 400mm x 22mm plank

C base and shelf:

two 578mm x 400mm x 22mm planks

D short side: one 400mm x 136mm x 22mm plank

Cutting list: drawer (optional)

E front:

one 554mm x 134mm x 22mm plank

F sides:

two 350mm x 100mm x 22mm planks

G back: one 554mm x 100mm x 22mm plank

H bottom:

one 537mm x 368mm x 3mm hardboard plank


  • 16mm and 45mm chipboard screws
  • panel pins
  • four 50mm castors
  • wood glue
  • L-bracket
  • drawer handle
  • drawer runners (optional)
  • panel pins
  • wood filler
  • wood primer
  • enamel/acrylic PVA


  • tape
  • sharp pencil
  • cordless or power drill
  • 3mm drill bit
  • countersinking drill bit
  • try square or combination square
  • table saw or router
  • paintbrush
  • foam roller

Project notes

All the dimensions (except H) were cut from two laminated pine boards measuring 1 800 x 455 x 22mm.

Important: bed heights may differ, so adapt the measurement of A (long upright/side) so that the top (B) can extend over and above your mattress and bedding.

Make sure that your wood merchant cuts the wood accurately to specification. Even a 1mm mistake can cause problems when you try to build the project.

Get started

1  Use a tape measure and the short side (D) to assist in measuring and marking the following from the bottom of the long side (A): 22mm, 136mm, and 22mm.

2  Drill 3mm pilot holes at intervals between these lines, as shown.

3  Use a countersinking drill bit to create recesses for the heads of the screws.

4  Attach both the base (C) and the shelf (C) at right angles to the long upright (A) at the 22mm markings, using glue and 45mm chipboard screws.

5  Use 45mm chipboard screws and glue to fix the short side (D) to the base and shelf.

6  Attach the top (B): make a mark 22mm from the edge, drill pilot holes and countersink these before gluing and screwing the board, using 45mm chipboard screws, into the top of the long side (A).

7  Use a try square to make sure that the top (B) is perpendicular to the long upright. Fix an angle bracket in place using 16mm chipboard screws to provide additional support to the work surface.

8  Fix the four castors in place 30mm from the edges underneath the base using 16mm chipboard screws.

9  (Optional) Use a table saw or router to create an 8 x 3mm rebate along the edges of the drawer front (E), the drawer sides (F) and the drawer back (G) to create a recess for the drawer bottom (H). Use a try square to make sure the drawer structure is squared before gluing and screwing the frame together using 45mm chipboard screws.


The drawer sides need to be recessed about 13mm in from the edge of the drawer front if you wish to fix drawer runners to the drawer.

10  Place the drawer bottom (H) into the recess and set it in place with panel pins. Screw a drawer handle of your choice to the front of the drawer. Fill all the holes with exposed screws with wood filler. The unit is now ready to be sanded, primed and painted in the colors of your choice.

Make a Hand-Drawn Animated Video for Your Business

Animated Video

In our modern world, there are a lot of exciting, fresh and original ways to promote your business. The most common and useful of them are various animation videos for business.

Keep on reading, and you will get to know a lot of useful information about this business idea and learn how to make hand-drawn animation.

What is a Video with Hand Drawn Animation Used for?

Animated drawing is commonly used in various spheres of business, including marketing. Why are these hand drawn videos so widespread today? First of all, they represent a new approach to running activity. The marketers started to use hand animated videos to attract their customers.

On the one hand, it is more interesting to get to know about some business ideas from these videos in an entertaining form. And, on the other hand, it is easier for people in business to present and explain their plans and opinions in a few minutes.

How to Create a Unique Video with Hand Drawn Animation?

As the hand-drawn animated videos are rather popular today, you may already face with some of them. It is essential not just to copy them but make your original video.

There are some tips about creating a video with hand-drawn animation:

•    Start with creating a bright, exciting script which will be able to express all your main ideas, concerning business.

•    The next step is a storyboard. Don’t be afraid if you are unfamiliar with this notion or the process itself. The professional illustrators, animators and actors who voice different roles will help you to organize all hand animated drawings and voice effects in your video. When the storyboard is already done, it must be approved by your creative director.

•    We will advise you to cooperate only with professional animators or animation studios. Remember that animation of your hand-drawn animation video is one of the most critical steps in creating your business promoting the video.  

•    The same tip also applies to actors who voice your video. Don’t forget about this crucial step as well. So make sure that your voice actor will cope with that task. He or she must mainly not just use the voice but express some basic emotions and feelings as well. The target audience will undoubtedly feel that, and your video will succeed.

•    Watch a few hands drawn videos of other marketing companies or people in business, before starting to create your one. With the help of that, you may notice some mistakes or drawbacks in these videos and try to avoid them in your hand-animated video.

Business promotion demands using new approaches. The creation of a video with hand-drawn animation is the most popular one of them. Just follow some recommendations to succeed.

Trendy and Minimalist Furniture | DIY Project Guide

Minimalist Furniture

DIY Shopping list

It can be used to make beechwood table top:

  • approximately 3 000 mm lengths of 8mm round steel bar: you will need two 3 000 mm lengths per hanger (four 3 000 mm lengths for a chandelier-type hanger);
  • also refer to the tip at step 1 one or more steel discs or ‘medallions’ with a diameter of 80mm and a thickness of 6mm 1 000 mm length of steel angle iron (enough for ground spikes for four lantern hangers).

Other welding rods:

lacquer thinners

– metal primer

– spray paint (in a colour of your choice).


–  hacksaw

– bench

– vice pencil or chalk vice grips

– welding machine and welding rods

– safety equipment (gloves and a mask)

– combination square

– steel ruler

– tape measure

– 90/45-degree magnets

– metal file chipping hammer

– wire brush

– angle grinder

– rag

Get started

1  Cut two short sections of 8mm steel bar and position these in a bench vice. Place a 3 000mm piece of steel bar between these short sections and then use the parts to bend the steel bar, as shown, according to the shape you require. We created a 180-degree curve (±300mm diameter) at one end of the 3000mm length with the end rounded neatly to form our hanger. (Refer to the diagram in step 2 for clarity.)

Tip: When you start the project make sure that the initial steel bar is longer than the design you are creating as this will help you to bend the last section of the design more easily.

2  Use a pencil or chalk to mark out the shape of the lantern hanger onto the floor, workbench or a steel surface. Keep checking the shape against this template as you bend it. Use a hacksaw to cut the end to finish off the shape.

3  Repeat the shaping process until you have the required number of lengths with ‘scrolled’ ends. Place these, two at a time, into position on top of your diagram on the floor and weld two together at 40-50mm intervals down the shaft, as shown on the diagram. Repeat this step with the second or third sets if you have decided to make more than one. Use vice grips to hold them together while you weld.

4  If you are creating a chandelier-type lantern hanger, place four ‘scrolled’ ends in position and hold these together with a pair of vice grips before welding the structure together, as in step 3.

5  Mark measurements of about 250mm along the length of angle iron. Mark a 45-degree angle at one end of each 250mm length using the combination square. Use a hacksaw to cut the four lengths and angles.

6  Use the pencil or chalk and a steel ruler to mark the center of a metal disc. Use a magnet to hold a length of angle iron in position (centred) on top of the disc and then weld it to the disc.

7  Place each hanger in a vice and use a tape measure and hacksaw to measure and cut each one to length, 1 500mm from the top of the curve.

8  Weld the disc and angle iron section to the pairs of hangers, as shown. Once you have completed all the hangers, use a metal file to round the ends and remove burrs. Chipping hammer cane used in such a case to remove any flux. After that use the wire brush in hard-to-reach places. Don’t forget about the angle grinder to finish off any rough welds. Wipe the steel sections with the help of a  thin, soaked rag to remove any dirt. Finish the steel frame using a steel primer followed by spray paint in the colour of your choice. We chose a white finish for ours

Project notes

We used the same shape to create a lantern hanger with both two and four scrolls. Whether you are making one or more lantern holders, it is advisable to have a pattern (or jig) to work to ensure uniform results.

10 Best DIY Gifts for Your Friend

Do any of your friends have a birthday and you don’t know what to present? With Internet access, you can find many homemade birthday gift ideas for a best friend. Moreover, look at this kawaii phone accessories, there are so many ideas for your friend and for you! A lot of interesting things for your liking! However, the best gift a DIY gift. Just imagine, how happy will be your friend with such a present!


It is a great choice for a gift for your best friend. With the help of the Internet or even your mother, you can bake a cake and cookies, candies or even cupcakes which are so popular now. Besides, you can save money with such a gift.


Does your friend have an embroidered shirt? National clothes are now in fashion, especially from linen fabric or embroidered beads. To my mind, it is one of the best friend gifts DIY.


Nowadays bouquet can be made not only from flowers. Yes, it is true, just turn on your imagination. For example, it can be food both sweet and salty, you can easily make followers from paper, plastic, or fabric.

Gift Box

This type of gift is universal because you can put there everything you want. Starting with sweets, alcohol, beer set, stationery, cosmetics, home accessories, jewelry and ending with flowers. It’s also possible to combine it all. Boxes can either be bought or made with your own hands.

Homemade Jewelry

Not one exquisite female image can be completed without jewelry. Homemade jewelry can be made from fabric, beads, laces, polymer clay and buttons. It can be rings, bracelets, brooches, earrings, and necklaces.


A photo frame can be a great DIY best friend gift for your friend and home decor. Making such a frame is not difficult, it is important only to show your imagination. Such a frame can be made of artificial flowers, colored paper, textile, natural material, decorative adhesive tape, stone, magazines, and newspaper.


To do original cards with your own hands is simple and nice, there is nothing complicated, materials are always available, and the result is stunning. If you decide to make a postcard then do not even doubt it is a great DIY best friend gifts. If you want to save money, then you can make a postcard from everything you have at home.


Candles – this is a great way to dilute the boring atmosphere and add individuality to the home interior. Ideal for a calm and romantic atmosphere, especially if this candle smells a lot, but you need to know what smell your friend likes. Such candles are not difficult to do, just look at the Internet and buy all the necessary materials.


Vasa is an interesting element in the interior. And even more interesting is that the vase can be made from anything you want:  old plastic or glass bottles, using paper, twigs, tubes, newspapers and magazines, and a variety of other materials.

Knitted Scarf

If you know how to knit, then you will not have any problems with a gift for your friend. This is a simple, economical and original kind of gift. With such a scarf, your friend will always feel warm and will be in a trend.

You know there are a lot of great ideas for DIY presents for your best friend. Therefore, choose the appropriate gift and submit it to your friend. You can easily create something original and unusual.

Sliding Shutters is A Must-Have at Your Home

Sliding shutters add both impressions of the home and simple functionality as they keep the space in darkness. If they are not placed in a bedroom which is in the south part of the house, then probably you will have restless sleep. Look through remvital, its features and benefits to avoid this.

Follow the instructions listed below to get the perfect sliding shutters you’ve dreamt of.


A – 25mm X 3mm Aluminium profile (we used a 6m length)

B – 19A (19mm) Aluminium guide channel (fixed to the bottom of shutters – we used a 1.8m length)

C – 96mm X 22mm Meranti (end panels – we used 2 X 1.8m lengths)

D – 22mm X 22mm Meranti (for spacer blocks – we used 1 X 1.8m length)

E – 44mm X 22mm Meranti (narrower strips- we used 18 X 1.8m lengths)


Hillaldam 100TF timber door hangers (two per shutter)

Hillaldam 100G galvanized steel top track

83/19N door guide brackets


  • 101AC track stop
  • 40mm Hilti wall anchors (to fix door guide brackets)
  • 100mm Hilti wall anchors (to fix side fixing brackets)
  • 5 X 16mm stainless steel bolts (for fixing brackets to track)
  • 5mm stainless steel hex nuts (for fixing brackets to track)
  • 5 X 60mm stainless steel chipboard screws (to fix Aluminium angle to end panels)
  • 40mm chipboard screws
  • Waterproof wood glue
  • Paintbrush
  • UV resistant wood treatment product


  • Electric drill, screw bit extension
  • 5.5mm steel drill bit, 10mm masonry drill bit, 3mm wood drill bit and countersinking bit
  • Hacksaw
  • Mitre box
  • Mitre saw (optional)
  • G-clamps
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Tri-square
  • Spirit level
  • Ladder(s)


This project does not require major skill for the construction of the shutters but an extra pair of hands will definitely be necessary when hanging the rails.

The measurements and quantities of fittings listed above apply to a window measuring 1700mm X 1200mm and were quantified to create 2 shutters to cover 1800mm X 1400mm (slightly larger than the window opening). Adjust these to suit the size and number of shutters you want to create.

We created two different sized shutters to cover the window, as a wall hampers the space to the left of the window. It measures 700mm x 1400mm and the other 1100mm X 1400mm.


1 Measure the window opening(s). We included the sill in our height measurement, as we wanted the shutters to extend level with the bottom of the sill.

2 Place the lengths of 96mm X 22mm and 44mm X 22mm planking next to each other, then measure and mark the lengths you will need for your shutters. Use a tri-square to make sure your markings are at 900. Use a miter saw to cut the required lengths.

We needed:

2 X 1100mm X 96mm X 22mm

2 X 700mm X 96mm X 22mm

18 X 1100mm X 44mm X 22mm

18 X 700mm X 44mm X 22mm

3  Use the miter box and hacksaw to cut the lengths of 19mm aluminum guide channel (B) you will need. We used a 1.8m length and cut it to give 700mm and 1100mm sections.

4  Fix the sections of guide channel to the narrow edge of two 96mm X 22mm sections (C) using the 40mm chipboard screws. First, drill 5.5mm holes in the underside of the channel and then countersinking these holes. Drill corresponding 3mm pilot holes in the wood before using the screw-bit extension to drive the screws home.


Space the screws at roughly 150mm centers, but make sure to start spacing the screws 40mm from the ends to allow for the screws in step 6.

5 Fix two door hangers to each of the two remaining 96mm X 22mm sections (C). Fix these at least 40mm from the ends to allow space for the screws in step 6.

6 Use the miter box and hacksaw to cut the 25mm X 3mm aluminum profile to the required lengths.


Make allowance for the guide channel in your total measurement

Now use the 60mm stainless steel chipboard screws to fix the Aluminium profile to the end panels, creating a frame with the top (to which the hangers are fixed) and bottom (to which the guide channels are fixed) panels facing outwards. Apply the same fixing method as in step 4 to attach the profile to the 96mm X 22mm sections, as shown.


Use a G-clamp to hold the plank in place when drilling and screwing.

7 Cut the 22mm X 22mm length of Meranti into 22mm lengths. You will use these as spacers to create the slatted appearance. Place the 44mm X 22mm sections within the frame, with spacer blocks in between, as shown. Fix these in place with waterproof wood glue. Leave on a flat surface overnight to dry.

8 Use the 5 X 16mm stainless steel bolts and nuts to fix the side fixing brackets to the track at 300mm centers. Use the 5.5mm drill to create the necessary holes. Once all the brackets are in place, hold the track in place against the wall at the correct height above the window opening. You will need an extra pair of hands for this.

9 Hang the shutters by sliding the door hangers into the track. Fix the track stops in place so that the shutters will open to the required positions. Use the 40mm Hilti wall anchors to fix the door guide brackets to the wall, as shown.

10 Use the paintbrush to coat the shutters with a UV resistant wood treatment product